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Web Aesthetics - Ling, Yale and 90's Nostalgia

March 05, 2015 Reading time - 2 minutes

These two sites take us back to a time when websites were comprised of bright colors, animations and midis. The beginnings of the world wide web, when building a website felt like setting a tiny universe into existence.

Ling’s Cars
It doesn’t take long to realize that the organized chaos happening here is actually pretty amazing. Its got a total 1990’s web vibe, jam packed with animations, neon colors, animations and even an awesome soundtrack to surf along to.

I had to check out the source code of this wildly interactive playground of animated goodies. What I saw was possibly even more amazing than the site itself; it was Ling’s avatar coded in ASCII along with a terrifying message.

Say what you want about Ling’s Cars, the site has made her a millionaire. Plus, there’s an animated chicken walking along the frame of her imbedded Twitter feed! Do you have a chicken walking along your Twitter timeline? I doubt it.

What makes LingsCars stand out is Ling’s success in using a 90’s web design aesthetic while maintaining a modern web conscious coding style. Seriously, there’s a mobile version of this crazy site. Visiting the site channels two elements that are somehow aesthetically cohesive; the early days of the internet and 60’s Asian girl surf rock.
This entire site functions as a wiki, meaning faculty, students, alumni and staff are able to add, edit and change the site’s content. There are some hilarious background images and features happening on this site. Since it is constantly being edited, I will avoid mentioning specific details, but I would encourage visitors to click around and check out the madness going on there.

Animated MySpace backgrounds are badass! [Source](

Further information on how the page functions as a wiki without becoming too out of hand can be found in their about page. It is also mentioned that the site is programmed using Ruby on Rails.

What sites bring you back to the primitive web? Tweet them to me or comment below, I’d love to see what type of whacky stuff is out there.